Free Knife Rental

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Free Knife Rental

No need to buy an expensive set of knives & then also pay for sharpening.
We offer a cost effective solution by giving you a FREE set of colour coded world famous Granton Knives.
The set of 9 knives includes a Veg knife, Bread knife, Flexible filletting knife, Bonning knife, World famous Granton Edge Slicer & 4 various sized Chef knives, this set covers all bases in a modern busy kitchen.

Once the set is installed in your kitchen & exchange terms are agreed we then arrange dates, then when we next visit we take the old set of knives & replace with a freshly sharpened set.
You only pay for the sharpening!

Full set (9 knives) Fortnightly service £17.00
Full set (9 knives) Monthly service £26.00

If your kitchen has particular needs, there is flexibility within our system so you can swap knives if necessary.